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Since March of 2011, David Pelletier sees to the destiny of the lesommelierfou.com site. First and foremost an author, he decided to teach himself the discipline associated with the writing craft by (innocently) starting a wine blog, a topic he finds fascinating. Now, he’s stuck with it.

David drinks wine at your expense so as to critique it. He makes the deliberate choice of not rating the wines he tastes. He is a teacher by trade, and therefore there are damn limits to marking everything he touches.

His passion for wine started in the same fashion as for many people: through a damn Frenchman. He made him discover the splendours of cellared wine, and David never looked back since. In fact, him and the Frenchie don’t talk to each other anymore.

David currently studies to get his Level 4 Diploma from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET). you wonder how he finds the time to do it all? Him, too.

And as if this wasn’t enough, David also writes for serious publications, such as Vins & Vignobles, SAQ Cellier or Wine & Spirits Magazine.


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It took a few months working at the SAQ and a trip to France to make Tania Fugère dive into wine. The quest for the perfectly balanced wine quickly became an obsession for her. In France, where she was to perfect her French and pursue her History studies, Tania soon realized wine was a bigger passion for her. She completed her Level 2 & 3 WSET at l’École du Vin in Paris (with distinction).  Back in Montreal, she began to work at SAQ Signature, rubbing elbows with this world’s best drinks and helping out the thirsty clientele. A fierce taster (especially blind) and a Champagne aficionado, she dreams of sticking the MW initials to her name one day, but is currently content with pursuing her Level 4 WSET Diploma.



Self-proclaimed wine ambassador, Mandi Robertson is also completing her Level 4 WSET Diploma. In 2013, she earns a sommelier attestation from the Pearson School of Culinary Arts. Mandi has lots of experience with hosting private tasting event and wine clubs, and she also worked as a sommelier in Melbourne, Australia. Her ambition, drive and passion for wine drove her in all corners of the wine world, to deepen her knowledge and thicken her tasting portfolio. Her love for wine and all that surrounds it is deep, and she dreams of one day working at a winery and educating people about wine.

Mandi is the author of a blog called A Walk on the Wine Side.

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